About Us

About True Legend Studio

True Legend Studio is a digital media production company focusing on high-quality digital media content production for global distribution.

Our goal is to bring legendary heroes from ancient China to your screens and inspire you with insightful lessons from the past.

Meet the Team

We are a small, but passionate team dedicated to creating digital experiences that improve our understanding of the world and our role in it.  


Leo Yu He is a leading cross-media producer in Canada with more than a decade of experience in television and digital media production. His projects include animated children’s series, animated dramas, historical TV series, digital comics, iOS kids educational app/games, and an iOS branching narrative game. A notable past project is the preschool property “Miaomiao,” which includes an animated series, mobile apps and online media that teach children easy-to-learn Chinese-language concepts. Another featured project is Shuyan the Kung Fu Princess, an episodic action-adventure game for iOS that takes players on an action‐packed journey to discover the true essence of kung fu.

Director & Writer

Faye Fei Li is a leading cross-media director & writer in Canada with 15 years in television and digital media production. Delivered projects including animated drama, animated kids series, iOS kids educational app/games, and kids interactive websites. One of Faye’s notable projects as writer and director is the preschool property “Miaomiao.” Her latest project is “Han Xin,” the first season of the web series “5000 Years of Heroes.”