Han Xin 4K (Episode 05) Suspicion

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The triumph over Guanzhong clouds Liu Bang’s mind. Ignoring Han Xin’s strategic advice, he leads a large army to invade Xiang Yu’s territory. Although initially successful, Liu Bang’s campaign ends in a humiliating debacle at the hands of Xiang Yu’s cavalry troops. He calls on Han Xin to come to his aid. Leading freshly trained units, Han Xin successfully blocks Xiang Yu and sets up a stable defence line for the Han army. However, his incredible triumphs begin to rouse Liu Bang’s jealousy.


This is the story of Han Xin, one of ancient China’s greatest generals who was so mighty, the people called him the “God of War.” In just four years, he led armies to establish the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), one of the most important dynasties in Chinese history.

Han Xin spent his childhood in poverty and was only a junior army officer when he came to the notice of Xiao He, prime minister of Liu Bang, king of Han. Impressed by Han Xin’s brilliant reform suggestions, Xiao He recommended the young man to Liu Bang. At first reluctant to trust him, the king soon realized Han Xin’s potential and made him general-in-chief of the Han army. Over the next four years, Han Xin led the army to major strategic successes, culminating in Liu Bang’s victory over Xiang Yu, China’s most powerful ruler at that time. Liu Bang united the country and established the Han Dynasty under the name of Emperor Gaozu. Yet would Han Xin become a rival for his power? Watch and learn in this epic mini-series.

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